Potsdamer Straße, Schlussstein

Potsdamer Straße, Schlussstein, 2015, 2200 x 1455 mm, Unikat


Potsdamer Straße, Feston

"Mansen combined various motifs from Potsdamer Straße 2012 and 2013 into a series: various views, facades, architectural details that on the basis of individual structures and grids are condensed into a very personal view. As Mansen frequently does, he printed the plates by alternating positives and negatives, i.e., the desired final picture is

achieved through superimpositions and blank areas, by printing various plates. The festoon (or garland) of a building on Potsdamer Straße is part of the series, but only in black and white. The works handed out as a thank-you for donations are part of this series, but

have not been integrated in this form—they are independent works. The motifs chosen decrease in size, so that the view of the architectural context narrows, allowing the ornament to develop a greater life of its own."

(Christian Rümelin, 2013)

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