Gespräch, zu viert, A

Gespräch, zu viert, A, 1989, 757 x 2252 mm, Auflage 2 Ex.



Musée d'arts d'histoires, Genève

„..., Gespräch, zu viert (1989), in which four figures are sketched in using dots, scratches, leaf shapes. As these marks become more elaborate and emphatic, so the four conversationalists become more distinct and, it seems, the conversation more animated. Arms begin to wave about; even the figure sat slightly apart in the first panel, hands under his chin, seems to have struck up a conversation by the fourth panel.“ (Michael Sims in: Printmaking Today, Vol. 7, No. 4, 1998, p. 8–9.)

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Musée d'arts d'histoires, Genève

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