Esszimmer, A

Esszimmer, A, 1991, 1030 x 1390 mm, Unikat



„Esszimmer, 1991, is set in a dining room, and it is characterized by successive overprinting with combined blocks. Once again, this set of three prints engages the viewer's imagination by inviting a narrative interpretation. In particular, the fact that in each print the dining room elements are printed in different colors and the figures are printed in the same dark brown and with the set of marks suggests that the figures are one person who has perhaps caused the imagery to be tilted by drinking too much of the wine on the table.“ (Joshua P. Smith, in: Matthias Mansen. About The House. New York 1989–1992. Catalogue Reutlingen/ Göttingen/ Recklinghausen/ Campridge MA., 1997)

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Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Städtisches Kunstmuseum Spendhaus, Reutlingen

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