Begegnung, C

Begegnung, C, 1989, 2040 x 790 mm, Auflage 9 Ex.



Musée d'arts d'histoires, Genève

„Begegnung, 1989, a single work on four sheets, depicts two people in an undefined space. We successively view a head in the foreground and a figure in the distance, two figures approaching each other, the figures shaking hands, and the figures parting. In each print the center block is printed with new blocks added and overprinted for each successive print. The images are repeatable, yet each impression is different because of variations in the amount of ink and the texture of the image.“ (Joshua P. Smith, in: Matthias Mansen. About The House. New York 1989–1992. Catalogue Reutlingen/ Göttingen/ Recklinghausen/ Campridge MA., 1997)

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Musée d'arts d'histoires, Genève

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Heidelberg

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