Contradictions (2. März – 4. Juli 2021)

Contradictions (2. März – 4. Juli 2021)


Contradictions (2. März – 4. Juli 2021)

Musée d'arts d'histoires, Genève

There is a widespread idea that any form of reproduction is synonymous with a loss of originality. But this potential for dissemination, on the contrary, includes unexpected aspects: It calls into question creativity itself. Thus, the exhibition at the Musée d'arts d'histoire in Geneva invites us on a journey to the core of the artistic act.

Multiplication allows for variations, trials, regrets, renunciations.... Above all, it requires virtuosity in the mastery of technique. Because in prints, jewelry, watches or medals, not everything is in the hands of the artist and the desire of the creator encounters a series of constraints. That's what makes them so valuable!

The exhibition will feature the series "Encounter" (1989) by Matthias Mansen.

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